Terms and Conditions

These Terms and conditions are a binding agreement between you (“the user”) and Bitlanding.com (“the service” or “Bitlanding”)
By registering and continuing to use the Bitlanding services you implicitly agree to the Terms and conditions as stated here and placed in their actual version online.

Privacy conditions and your profile informations
Bitlanding will not share any of your profile informations with a third party, only when requested to do so by law.
When User deletes account then profile information will be fully deleted. In case the User was a paying customer then informations relevant for the accounting purposes will stay recorded to assure compliance with law.
Bitlanding reserves the right to send you news and informations that are relevant to the Bitlandig services. To example the information about changes in product features, prices or changes in the terms of conditions. This communication is deemed as essential part of the service and can not be declined or opted out. In case there will be other newsletters and marketing emails offered there will always be a unsubscribe feature in User administration and in every such email.

Prices and Free service
Actual price-list is always presented online on the Bitlanding website.
User agrees to pay the monthly or yearly subscription fee according to the price-list.
In case there will be a change in the price-list then User pays the his previous price until the end of the period he ordered.
Bitlanding also offers free service. There are no hidden costs and Bitlanding will never move the Users of Free service into any of the payed offers without an express consent of the User.
Bitlanding offers special discounts of 50% of its highest paid package for Start up companies and Non-profit companies.

Termination of the account.

User can terminate his account in the user administration at any time and no further costs will be charged. The auto renewals are automatically canceled by termination of the account.
In case the User is in the middle of paid period then the account will be terminated upon end of that period.
Bitlanding reservers the right to terminate User account without further liability for but not limited to, breach of Terms and conditions, especially the breach of prohibited content and prohibited use or an attempt at that.

Prohibited content and use of the service
The are certain common sense types of content and use that is prohibited on Bitlanding service.
In case of the violation there is a following procedure and penalty: When the User is a paying customer there will be a waning issued via email and user will have a period of 14 days to remedy the situation. If the User will not act within that period user account will be deactivated. In case when the violation was strong or is was suspected to be intentional, then user account can be deactivated immediately without any advance notice. There will be an information of account deactivation.
Bit landing bears no liability for any losses such User may suffer in such cases.

We wish that internet is a safe and interesting place. Therefore we will act very strictly especially to those who ignore this rules intentionally. Bitlanding team aims to be fair and communicate out possible disputes with its Users, however the decision of BItlandig team is final.

Following content is prohibited:

- Pornographic content or sexual services and advertisement thereof.

- Hateful speech or imagery and content approving of inciting hateful speech.

- Harmful content or products and promotion of such. To example trojan horses, viruses or spyware of any kind. Or scripts that do various activities harmful to the other internet members and site visitors.

- Copyright infringing content. Use of content that is copyrighted or infringes on right of authors beyond the reasonable use is prohibited. Also offers that promote copyright infringement are prohibited

- Content that is clearly fraudulent and aims to mislead the visitors. Such as “pyramid schemes”, “fraudulent offer” or content that features irrational, highly in-probable, unverifiable claims. Here the User intent is important as some exaggeration of certain statements is considered normal.

Generally if the content is breaking any common civil laws in country and state where User is located, then such content is deemed also prohibited for the User on Bitlanding service.

Following usage is prohibited:

Using Bitlanding system in following ways is prohibited

-  Uploading scripts for various kinds of attempts at security violation or monitoring.

-  Uploading scripts that aim at falsification of origin via data forwarding of any kind.

-  Uploading scripts that do data gathering or crawling, parsing, data mining of various kind.
 /Not connected to legitimate data gathering from ones own visitors /

Generally any use that tries to game or abuse the Bitlanding service especially such that produces undue load on the servers or tries to compromises security of servers or security or privacy of other internet members is prohibited and such Users will be swiftly deactivated.